Woven Microgrid Geotextile 8′ X 270′

Woven Microgrid Geotextile by Aquascape
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Aquascape's Woven Microgrid Geotextile is a highly durable material specifically designed for a wide range of applications. It serves as a long-lasting barrier, effectively preventing rocks and debris from entering sub-surface water reservoirs, while still allowing water to easily infiltrate the storage basin. With its generous 8′ by 270′ dimensions, this roll is ideal for larger projects or multiple installations. This versatile geotextile is perfect for use in rainwater harvesting systems, Pondless® Waterfall reservoirs, permeable pavers, and fountain basins. In permeable paver applications, it effectively maintains the base aggregate bed on top of the AquaBlox® or other water storage matrix. It's the ideal material for a variety of projects, from rainwater harvesting to fountain basins. The 8′ x 270′ size is perfect for larger installations or multiple uses. Plus, it's designed to effectively prevent rocks and debris from entering sub-surface water reservoirs while still allowing for easy water infiltration. With its durable construction, this woven microgrid geotextile ensures long-lasting protection and performance.

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