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We have been passionate about ponds and water gardens since 1968! We have the
expertise to help you create and maintain your pond or water garden. To offer
our customers the best products, we have undertaken years of research, quality
testing, and consulting industry experts. That is why Pond Supplies Center is
proud to be an Aquascape-exclusive online store. We stock a generous selection
of Aquascape Pumps, Kits, Fountains, LED Lights, and more. We are your go-to
pond supplies store. Shop, purchase, and have your supplies delivered
conveniently to your door! Ordering is effortless, secure, and flexible. So,
unwind, and let us bring your pond and water garden supplies to you!

Pond Supplies Center

The Water Garden Lifestyle

Most homeowners are not aware of what you can do with a backyard pond. Turn your yard into an oasis. A water garden adds beauty, peace, and tranquility to any backyard. Your backyard paradise will allow you to relax and align yourself. What a wonderful lifestyle!

Pond Supplies Center

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LED Pond and Landscape Lighting

Premium Fish Food

Premium Fish Food


Waterfall Kits


Beneficial Bacteria



Pond aerators supply dissolved oxygen directly to ponds, helping all biological processes and resulting in healthier fish and plants. Proper aeration creates a stable pond environment by keeping water healthy, clean, and clear. Aeration can also be used during cold winter months to keep a hole open in the ice formed at the surface of the pond, allowing for the exchange of gases.

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