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A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a controller that varies the voltage and frequency (hertz) of the pump's motor allowing you the ability to control the pump's water flow rate. The VFD can be used to schedule the pump to slow down during certain hours of the day to conserve electricity and speed up during other hours, such as after work or on the weekends when a larger flow over the waterfalls is desired. It can also be configured to slowly ramp up pump speed helping to reduce stress on the plumbing fittings when the pump is starting up.

VFDs can only be used with a 3-P (3-phase) version of the Aquascape EXT pumps. VFDs require 220-480V 3-phase power, which is typically available on commercial installations, but not on residential installations.  VFDs can operate on single-phase residential applications as long as 220V single-phase power is available. Contact us for more information on VFDs.

The Variable Frequency Drive 2HP Max (Item #45053) is compatible with the Aquascape EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump
The Variable Frequency Drive 3HP Max (Item #45054) is compatible with the Aquascape EXT 18000-3P Pond Pump

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