Stacked Slate Urn

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Size/Fire Fountain Add-On Kit

Explore harmony in your outdoor oasis with a Stacked Slate Urn. Crafted with Aquascape Fiberglass Resin Composite, this lightweight and durable urn provides a natural rock veneer that will never fade or chip. Enjoy the beauty of real rock without maintenance or upkeep. Trickling water creates a relaxing atmosphere for any space.

Recommended pump size 550 GPH Ultra Pump

25" diameter x 32" H (Approx. Unit Weight: 27.2 lbs.)   

Medium Stacked Slate Urn

Recommended pump size 800 GPH Ultra Pump

27" diameter x 45" H (Approx. Unit Weight: 53 lbs.)

Large Stacked Slate Urn

Recommended pump size 2,000 GPH Ultra Pump

38" diameter x 56.5" H (Approx. Unit Weight: 116 lbs.)

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Small Stacked Slate Urn Fountain Kit

Enjoy the sight and sound of water gently dancing down an impressive urn fountain that looks like real stacked slate stone. The Small Stacked Slate Urn Fountain Kit includes everything you need to install a beautiful urn fountain in just a couple of hours. Simply add water and small stones or mulch to conceal the top of the basin. The lightweight, durable fiber-resin composite construction looks amazingly like stone but is less expensive.

The urn measures 32 inches high and 20 inches in diameter and includes the Aquascape DecoBasin and Ultra 550 Water Pump.

Fire Fountain Add-on Kit For Stacked Slate Fountain Urn


The Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-on Kit transforms any outdoor space into a cozy backyard paradise. The kit includes a fire pot holder, fire pot, cover, wick, and wick ring, and is made of long-lasting GFRC and stainless steel for reliable use. Fill the fire pot with paraffin or citronella fuel (sold separately) to enjoy hours of warmth and ambiance. The 4.5 lb Stacked Slate Urn is an ideal companion for this set.

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