Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit

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The Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit offers a comprehensive and simple-to-set-up solution with all necessary components for creating an eye-catching recirculating fountain. Made of durable GFRC and featuring a unique patina finish, the Spillway Bowl and Spillway Basin boast a long-lasting and elegant design, making them perfect for any environment. The included AquaBasin® 45, made of top-quality high-density polyethylene and guaranteed for life, can hold up to 98 gallons of water, significantly reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, the kit includes an energy-efficient Ultra Water Pump, as well as pipe and fittings for effortless installation.

As an expert in the product and industry, it is important to note that the hand-finished process of cast concrete may result in variations in GFRC finishes between units. This includes a possible color difference of up to 15%, as well as potential irregular texture, patterns, and small surface holes caused by air or water during casting. It is worth mentioning that these characteristics are a normal occurrence in cast concrete and are not covered under warranty.

Fountain Dimensions
Basin - 40"L x 40"W x 16"H Bowl - 32"L x 32"W x 14.5"H

Basin Dimensions
44.5"L x 44.5" W x 16"H

Included Tubing
Pre-Cut Kink-Free 3/4" x 15'

Included Pump
Ultra 2000

Included Basin
AquaBasin® 45

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