Spillway Bowl 19″ and Basin 21″ Fountain Kit

Fountain by Aquascape
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The Spillway Bowl 19″ and Basin 21″ Fountain Kit is a comprehensive, user-friendly package that includes all necessary components for creating a stunning recirculating fountain. Crafted with durable GFRC, the Spillway Bowl and Basin boast a unique patina and elegant multi-step design, making them ideal for any environment. The enclosed AquaBasin® 30 is a high-capacity, below-ground water basin that can hold up to 27 gallons. This professional-grade basin comes with a lifetime warranty and offers various features and benefits to simplify installation, improve water circulation, and enhance accessibility. Moreover, the kit includes an energy-efficient Ultra 800 Water Pump and all necessary pipe and fittings, making installation a breeze.

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