Spillway Bowl 19″

Spilway Bowl by Aquascape
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The Aquascape Spillway Bowl 19” offers versatile installation options and creates a stunning water feature. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces and gardens, and it can be installed on its own using an Aquascape AquaBasin® or incorporated into an existing pond or water feature. For a truly impressive standalone feature, pair the Spillway Bowl 19” with the Spillway Basin 21”, Spillway Bowl Stand 6”, and AquaBasin. Made from durable GFRC, this decorative piece is simple to install and designed to provide years of enjoyment. Its 19-inch diameter and unique patina allow it to seamlessly blend into any environment. The included standpipe allows for customizable water flow adjustments post-installation.

As a product created through hand-finishing, the GFRC finishes of Spillway Bowl 19" may vary from unit to unit. Customers can expect a color variance of up to 15% in each unit, as well as potential inconsistencies in texture or pattern as well as small surface holes caused by air or water during casting. These natural variations are a common characteristic of cast concrete and are not eligible for warranty coverage.

The Spillway Bowl measures 19” (48.5 cm) in diameter and 7” (18 cm) tall

Recommended pump – Ultra 550 Water Pump

Silicone tubing size: ¾” x 40” (101 cm)

The Spillway Bowl 19" offers a stunning cascading water display that can be installed on its own or incorporated into any existing water feature. With a multitude of installation options, this product comes with plumbing included for effortless setup. Its striking patina design adds a one-of-a-kind touch to any outdoor space.

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