Smart Pond Thermometer with Transformer

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Maintain peace of mind by constantly monitoring pond temperature with the Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer. You can effortlessly connect this specially designed pond thermometer to your smartphone or tablet, providing immediate and accurate temperature data through the Aquascape Smart Control App. Utilize this information to adjust fish feeding schedules, alter water treatments, and more. Additionally, the thermometer has an integrated display panel for easy temperature checks without the need for a tablet or smartphone. Connecting to the Aquascape Smart Control App is a quick and easy process, allowing you to set dynamic triggers for other smart control products in your pond to respond to water temperature changes.

The robust, round shape is specifically designed to sink and possesses excellent durability, making it suitable for use in any weather conditions. It accurately measures temperatures ranging from -20°F to 120°F (-28°C to 48°C), and can easily integrate with other 12-volt quick-connect components and existing low-voltage lighting systems by utilizing the included quick-connect fitting. Compatible with both iPhone and Android operating systems, it requires adequate wireless coverage (2.4 GHz supported) to function. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, the Smart Pond Thermometer guarantees reliable and long-lasting use.

Monitor pond temperature from any location with the help of the Aquascape Smart Control App. The integrated display panel allows for convenient real-time monitoring without the need for a smartphone or tablet. Connect to the app to access automation triggers, historical data, trending reports, and educational notifications. Please note that a 12-volt transformer is necessary for proper operation. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, this pond thermometer is a reliable choice for maintaining your pond's temperature. Control panel size is 4.5”L x 1.75”W x .75”H, and probe size is 1.75” in diameter.

This pond thermometer comes with an integrated hang tab for easy and low-profile mounting, as well as an integrated display panel that allows for use without a smartphone or tablet. The numeric temperature indicator shows the current temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, while the weather-proof quick-connect connection makes it easy to install. The durable, structurally designed thermometer has a removable cover for convenient maintenance. Its black color and weighted base ensure discreet placement, and the WiFi pairing button/indicator enables quick and effortless connection to your smart device.

Power Cord Length 3 feet
Probe Cord Length 20 feet
Wattage 1W


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