Smart Pond Dosing System XT

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The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is a cutting-edge dispenser that precisely dispenses customized water treatments to maintain optimal water quality for larger water features, eliminating the need for manual dosing. The built-in low treatment alert notifies you when a treatment bottle is running low, ensuring replacement before it runs out. Easily control and monitor the dosing system with the Aquascape Smart Control App on your smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Pond Dosing System XT comes with an injection-molded enclosure, control panel, treatment intake assembly with low treatment alert, internal/external treatment tubing, and low-voltage transformer. It offers various treatment options for common pond problems such as cloudy water, bad odors, and excessive debris. The system is specially designed to work with Simple Solutions XT treatments in both half gallon and full gallon sizes. For even more versatility, the optional Controller Add-On Kit #40042 (sold separately) allows for simultaneous application of two different 64 oz. treatments.

Manage water quality in ponds, waterfalls, and fountains with ease using Smart Pond Dosing System XT. Take out the manual work and uncertainty of adding treatments with its Low Treatment Alert feature. Stay informed with the Aquascape Smart Control App through your smartphone or tablet, perfect for maintaining larger ponds and water features, even recreational ones.

The Smart Pond Dosing System XT features a durable housing that can be buried for concealment and long-lasting protection. The hood design includes mounted control panels to shield components from weather conditions. Its large internal space can hold one large gallon or two 64 oz. treatment bottles (treatments sold separately). For more versatility, you can use the optional Controller Add-On Kit #40042 (sold separately) to apply two treatments at once. The push-button control panel is easily calibrated to your specific water feature size.

Product Name Smart Pond Dosing System XT
Enclosure Dimensions 10.2" x 8.5" x 13.6" / 26 x 21.6 x 34.5 cm
Controller Wattage 6W
Transformer Output 12V AC/60 Hz
Transformer Wattage 12W
Low Voltage Cable Lenght 13 ft/4 m
External Tubing Lenght 6 ft/1.8 m

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