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Size/Fire Add On Kit

Upgrade your yard with a classic, yet captivating, Scalloped Urn fountain featuring the calming trickle of cascading water over its scalloped design. This elegant urn can be easily set up as a fountain on top of a sub-surface Aquascape AquaBasin® (not included), or incorporated into a pond or waterfall for a distinct and picturesque addition to your landscape. Its lightweight fiber-resin composite build offers the same aesthetic appeal as ceramic but at a more affordable cost.

Choose from three different sizes of Scalloped Urns to complement your unique installation or location. Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the included section of tubing. Elevate your fountain urn with the Fire Fountain Add-On Kit for Scalloped Urns (#78260 sold separately), adding a mesmerizing element of fire.

Small Scalloped Urn

Dimensions: 20" diameter x 32"H

Weight: 24 lb

Recommended Pump:

Ultra 550 Water Pump #91006

Medium Scalloped Urn

Dimensions: 27" diameter x 45"H

Weight: 42 lb

Recommended Pump:

Ultra 1100 Water Pump #91008

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Large Scalloped Urn

Dimensions: 38" diameter x 56"H

Weight: 91 lb

Recommended Pump:

Ultra 2000 Water Pump #91010

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