Recreational Pond Kit 19X24

Pond kit by Aquascape
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The Aquascape Recreational Pond Kit 19' x 24' provides all the tools needed to construct a stunning recreation pond. This comprehensive kit includes a 19' x 24' deep water zone, 7' x 10' intake bay skimmer, and a 10' x 22' wetland filter. By bundling these expertly selected products, the kit eliminates the need for guesswork and complex calculations involved in purchasing individual components. The kit also includes the powerful external EXT 18000 Pond Pump which effectively pumps water through the intake bay skimmer, waterfall(s), wetland filter, and water circulation jets. The intake bay draws in water, creating a skimming effect that removes debris from the surface, while the wetland filter effectively removes smaller sediments and improves water quality and clarity through biological filtration. This comprehensive kit provides all the necessary tools and components for constructing a beautiful and functional recreation pond. With a deep water zone, intake bay skimmer, and wetland filter expertly selected and bundled together, you can avoid the hassle of guesswork and complex calculations. Plus, the included EXT 18000 Pond Pump efficiently powers the entire system, from the skimmer to the waterfall and water circulation jets. The intake bay skimmer effectively removes debris from the surface, while the wetland filter uses biological filtration to improve water quality and clarity by removing smaller sediments.

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