Medium Pond Kit 11' X 16' With AquaSurge® 2000-4000 Pond Pump

Pond kit by Aquascape
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The Medium Pond Kit 11' X 16' from Aquascape is an all-in-one solution for creating a stunning and functional 11' x 16' ecosystem pond in any location. This comprehensive kit eliminates the need for guesswork and calculations when choosing individual components. It includes a skimmer and BioFalls® filter for efficient mechanical and biological filtration. You can choose from either an AquaSurge® Adjustable Flow pond pump, compatible with the Aquascape Smart Control App, or a solids-handling pond pump. An LED lighting package is also included to enhance the pond's ambiance at night. To ensure clean and clear water, the kit comes with an Automatic Dosing System and 32 oz. water treatment that automatically adds treatments to the pond.

Build a 2-foot deep pond measuring 11 by 16 feet with the AquaSurge® 2000-4000 Pond Pump included in the Medium Pond Kit.

Easily connect the AquaSurge® 2000-4000 Pond Pump to the Aquascape Smart Control App for seamless energy efficiency. Use your smartphone or tablet to schedule and customize flow with ease.

Medium Pond Kits
11' x 16'
Item Number(s) 53034 | 53035
Skimmer Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer
BioFalls Signature Series 2500 BioFalls
BioFalls Rock Tray
BioBalls Filter Media

AquaSurge 2000-4000
(Kit #53034)

3-PL 3000
(Kit #53035)

Pond Powerhead
Faux Driftwood 30"
Pipe Flexible PVC 2 in x 25 ft
Liner Material 45 mil EPDM (Fish Safe)
Liner Size* 15 ft x 20 ft
Finished Pond Size* 11 x 16 x 2 feet (LxWxMax Depth)
Underlayment* 300 sq. ft
Lighting LED Lighting Package
Automatic Dosing System
App/WIFI Connected 53034
Installation Kit

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