Maintain for Ponds SL

Water Treatment by Aquascape
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Maintain for Ponds SL is the top choice for pond treatment. This expertly-crafted formula combines the best pond water treatments to effectively maintain clean, clear, and healthy ponds with minimal effort. Our carefully selected blend of beneficial bacteria, phosphate binder, flocculant, and pond detoxifier works together to promote a thriving ecosystem and crystal-clear water. Available in a 32 oz. bottle and specifically designed for the Dosing System SL, this simple yet powerful water treatment is a must-have for any pond owner. Our bacteria blend contains lithotrophic, heterotrophic, and photosynthetic strains, ensuring the continued health and beauty of your pond. The included phosphate binder traps excess nutrients that could harm water quality, while the flocculant quickly removes suspended debris, leaving your water pristine. To ensure the safety of your fish and plants, a pond water detoxifier is added to eliminate and detoxify chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other toxins. Maintain for Ponds SL

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