KH/Alkalinity Test Kit

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The Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit accurately measures carbonate hardness concentrations in ponds and aquariums. With sixty tests included in each kit alongside all the necessary components, this simple and laboratory-quality testing is easy to complete with the provided step-by-step instructions. It is important to monitor KH/alkalinity levels for certain ponds since it is intimately connected to the pH and buffering capacity of the water. In fact, this test kit is ideal for optimizing the benefits of an Aquascape IonGen™ System. Maintain a balanced and healthy aquatic environment with the help of the Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit. With sixty tests included in each kit, this comprehensive tool accurately measures the levels of carbonate hardness in ponds and aquariums. By tracking KH/alkalinity, you'll ensure the pH and buffering capacity of your water is at optimal levels for your aquatic companions. Complete with step-by-step instructions, this laboratory-quality testing is simple and easy to conduct. Perfect for maximizing the benefits of an Aquascape IonGenTM System, this test kit is a must-have for any aquatic enthusiast looking to maintain a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

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