EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump

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The EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump has a 3-phase motor, perfect for water feature applications that need high flow and efficiency in a non-submersible pump. This pump's fan-cooled motor is oil-free, low RPM, and designed for a long lifespan. An electrical cord is not included, but the pump's junction box allows for customizable electric options (115V or 230V) to fit project-specific requirements.

The EXT-3P (3-phase motors) are compatible with a variable frequency drive, which serves as a controller that alters the voltage and frequency (hertz) of the pump's motor, granting you the ability to adjust the water flow rate. This allows for the pump to slow down during select hours of the day, conserving electricity, and speed up during desired times like weekends or after work for stronger waterfalls. Additionally, the VFD can be set to gradually increase pump speed, reducing stress on plumbing fittings during start-up.

The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit (#48027) sold separately from Aquascape streamlines plumbing for maximum convenience.

EXT 18000-3P
Item Number 45052
Inlet 3"
Discharge 2"
Maximum Flow (GPH) 18,400
Maximum Head Height (Feet) 45'
Maximum Power (Watts) 1,932
Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts) 8.4 @ 230V
Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts) 4.2 @ 460V
Phase 3-Phase
Motor HP 3
Motor Enclosure TEFC
10ft Power Cord*

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