Concrete Cloth™ Roll

Concrete Cloth™ Roll by Aquascape
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Concrete Cloth™ Roll is a revolutionary product specifically designed to protect pond liner and other water features. It combines the benefits of fabric flexibility with the strength and durability of concrete. This flexible and concrete-infused material hardens upon hydration, creating a strong barrier against digging animals, foot traffic, and damage from heavy rocks and boulders. To prevent the need for costly liner repairs, Concrete Cloth can be used above or below the liners to deter animals from chewing or clawing through. It also works as a protective layer when setting large rocks on top of the liner, which can be difficult to move once installed. Even high traffic or public water features can benefit from Concrete Cloth, as it helps to prevent vandalism and damage from foot traffic. Despite its strength and durability, Concrete Cloth is incredibly easy to install. Simply lay the matting and saturate with water from a hose or other source. The top layer of fabric allows for water penetration, while the bottom layer made of PVC acts as a barrier.

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