AquaGarden Stand

Ponds by Aquascape
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Upgrade the height and appearance of your AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit with the sophisticated AquaGarden Stand. Its sleek, contemporary design and matte black coating seamlessly complement any indoor or outdoor environment. The stand is specifically engineered to support the weight of your mini pond and elevate your AquaGarden for easy enjoyment. Featuring a special flange, the stand prevents the unit from shifting side to side and can be rotated to the desired angle once in place. Constructed from durable iron with a resilient triple powder coating, this stand can withstand outdoor conditions and provide years of use. Measuring 13.25" in diameter and 16" tall, the AquaGarden Stand raises your AquaGarden to a total height of 25.5" and is equipped with anti-scratch feet for versatile use indoors and outdoors.

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