8-Watt Wide-Angle Light

Pond Light by Aquascape
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The 8-Watt Wide-Angle Light by Aquascape is a game-changing addition to underwater lighting, surpassing the boundaries of traditional spotlights. A key feature of this remarkable product is its carefully engineered lens design, allowing for a wide, 90-degree beam angle and precision beam cut-offs. The lower cut-off ensures a uniform glow, eliminating any strong points of light that could disrupt the natural setting. Meanwhile, the upper cut-off keeps the light from escaping upwards into the sky, preserving the brilliance beneath the water's surface and expanding possible installation areas.

The structure of this light highlights the fusion of style and functionality. Its modern rectangular design not only complements current aesthetics, but also optimizes stability when placed within rock walls.

The Universal Mount Adaptor adds versatility to your options by allowing for a wide range of mounting possibilities. This innovative addition gives you the choice between the Light Stake (#84080 sold separately), Flexible Stand (#84081 sold separately), or compatibility with your own camera mounts or tripods with the 1/4″ 20 molded-in threads.

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