6-Way Color-Changing Light Splitter

Ponds by Aquascape
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The Aquascape 6-Way Color-Changing Light Splitter allows you to quickly and easily connect up to five color-changing lights to a single power source. Its professional, weather-proof design features 5-pin, quick-connect connections and integrated fitting grips for easy installation. The 12” cord length makes maneuvering simple, and multiple splitters can be linked for extra fixtures. Upgrade your project with ease. Transform your landscape with the advanced technology of the Aquascape 6-Way Color-Changing Light Splitter. Its sleek, weather-proof design boasts 5-pin, quick-connect connections and fitting grips for seamless installation. And with the ability to link multiple splitters, you can easily expand your lighting system without hassle. Elevate your outdoor space effortlessly.

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