24″ Faux Basalt Column Fountain Kit

Fountain by Aquascape
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Transform any outdoor garden area with ease using our 24" Faux Basalt Column Fountain Kit. Crafted from durable, lightweight fiber-resin composite, this kit includes an AquaBasin® 30, plumbing, and Ultra 550 Water Pump, making it the ideal solution for adding the soothing sound of running water to any setting. The fountain resembles natural rock and is designed to withstand the elements. Simply install the kit and enjoy the captivating display of water cascading from the center of the stone. With its impressive, natural-looking design and versatile installation locations, this complete kit is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Faux Basalt Columns are not compatible with the Fire and Water Torches.

Faux Basalt Dimensions: 24″H x 10″ Base

Basin dimensions: 30″L x 30″W x 12″H

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