11-Watt Color-Changing Wide-Angle Light

Pond Light by Aquascape
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The Aquascape 11-Watt Color-Changing Wide-Angle Light is a revolutionary product that improves upon traditional spotlights through its innovative lens design. Crafted with precision, the lens disperses light in a wide 90-degree beam angle and strategically placed beam cut-offs. This eliminates hot spots and maintains an even glow, while preventing light from escaping upwards and preserving the natural brilliance below the water's surface. With this light, installation options are expanded.

The light's design highlights its perfect blend of form and function. Its rectangular shape not only complements modern aesthetics, but also enhances stability when mounted on rock walls.

The Universal Mount Adaptor adds versatility by opening a range of mounting options. It can be used with the Light Stake (#84080), Flexible Stand (#84081), or any camera mounts or tripods with 1/4″ 20 molded-in threads. The choice is yours!

To power and control the lights, you will need the Aquascape Smart Control Hub (#84074, not included) as well as a 12-volt transformer (not included). By using multiple hubs, you can create lighting zones and control different sets of lights at the same time, providing even more lighting options.

The merchant also offers an optional Lighting Remote (#84073), which can control the color-changing feature wirelessly, eliminating the need for a smartphone or tablet.

Please take note that in order to power and control your Aquascape LED Color Changing Lights, you will need a Smart Control Hub (item # 84074, sold separately) and a low voltage transformer (sold separately).

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