Fire and Water Spillway Bowl

Ponds by Aquascape
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Transform your outdoor space with the Aquascape Fire and Water Spillway Bowl. This stunning piece features a central flame surrounded by flowing water, creating an enchanting sight at night. Made with lightweight and durable fiber-resin composite, this bowl boasts a natural-looking patina that will hold its beauty for years to come. You can easily install the Fire and Water Spillway Bowl as a recirculating water feature with the Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 (item # 78224 sold separately) or incorporate it into your existing pond or water feature. The system includes the bowl, an auto-ignite flame control system with push button ignition for safe and easy setup, as well as gas and water tubing, power cables, and a propane tank regulator. Size: 34”L x 32”W x 15”H.

Dimensions 34"L x 32"W x 15"H

Included Tubing

Recommended Pump Ultra 2000

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