Waterfall Spillway 12”

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The Aquascape Waterfall Spillway simplifies the process of creating a waterfall or stream, providing consistent, leak-free water flow. As water enters, it is diffused by strategically placed internal barriers for a smooth water flow. Its sturdy design allows for placement of boulders, gravel, soil, or other landscape materials on top, blending seamlessly into the surrounding area. This spillway is versatile and suitable for various water feature projects, eliminating the need for expensive biological filters. It can be added to new or existing ponds as an extra waterfall or stream, or multiple spillways can be used for larger, more unique designs. It can even be built into hardscape walls for a more formal waterfall design. Its installation is quick and effortless with included fittings (2" PVC slip and 1.5" barbed), and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty for dependable use year after year.

Waterfall Spillway 12"

Model Number


Bulkhead Port

Single 2"

Fittings Included

2" PVC Slip and 1.5" Barbed Hose Fitting

Maximum Flow Rate

4,000 GPH / 15,000 LPH


10.5"L x 14"W x 5"H

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