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Fish Retail System (Including Sign & Holder)

Fish Retail System (Including Sign & Holder)

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Fish Retail System: No more jimmy-rigging tubs and filters, and no more worrying about the spread of disease. System:

• Separate mechanical and biological filtration for each unit

• Completely self-contained units help prevent the spreading of disease between multiple systems Features:

• 160-gallon capacity

• Durable, double-walled polyethylene construction

• Bright blue color, allowing fish to be viewed easily

• Built-in backflush and drain line Includes:

• 1000 GPH magnetic drive pump

• Up-flow filter containing filter pads and BioBalls™

• Compressor and air diffuser

• Hinged aluminum-framed protective net

• Owners manual including a step-by-step guide for successfully retailing fish

• Installation DVD

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